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Climb Rwenzori Mountains

A Day Hiking Tour in Rwenzori Mountains

Day Hiking Tours in Rwenzori Mountains National Park- Rwenzori Expeditions

Primate Safari Experiences the leading Mountaineering & primate Watching Company has opened up the option to offer unique Mountaineering Tours on one day Adventures in Rwenzori Mountains National Park .

Rwenzori Mountains Trekking Options / 1 Day Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari, Never before has this part of the park been developed or open to tourists, although it is often described in guide books as the most beautiful section of the park. You now have a chance for the first time to see this fantastic scenery, the amazing plant like and the incredibly beautiful Nyamwamba Valley.

All treks include accommodation (camping) and meals, ropes, harnesses and crampons if necessary. Equipment such as boots, sleeping bags, woolen beanies (hat), gloves, and raincoats are available for hire. Stretchers and mattresses are provided but you need to bring a warm sleeping bag and clothes for use during the 1 day Rwenzori Hiking trip.
Please note: UWA gate entrance fees are beyond our control and may change without notice.

One Day Rwenzori Mountains Trekking Safari

The trek starts at Trekkers Hostel in Kyanjiki, 12 kilometres from Kasese past Kilembe. Best to start by 8.30am but can leave as late as 10am. You walk 2.2km to the UWA rangers post at 1,727metres. Here the rangers brief you on the days activities and rules of the National Park.

One day Rwenzori Mountains Trekking Options:

First Option of the 1 Day Rwenzori Mountains trekking Safari:

You can climb the ridge towards Samalira Camp (the first camp) where you stop for lunch at 2,570metres. The forests are untouched and carry a wide variety of trees and plants. Many bird species can be heard and seen in this rich environment. The first few kilometers climb steadily crossing several small streams and rivers through montane forest, with tall trees, thick undergrowth then we start climbing the ridge. The higher we climb the trees appear taller and straighter and it is common to see and hear many types of primates, echoing around the valleys.

Particularly around our lunch spot at 2,570m it is possible to see troops of 15 to 20 black and white Colobus monkeys or Blue monkeys as they dash through the trees loaded with natural fruits. A few hundred metres beyond the lunch spot, the bamboo zone commences and we climb up another half kilometres to a small cave which was previously used by poachers. Here we have a short rest before returning to the Rangers post and back to Kilembe.

Second option of the 1 Day Rwenzori Mountains trekking Safari

Is to walk up the Nsuranja Valley towards Kalalama Camp to a rock shelter called Musenge Rock Shelter at 2,240 metres a distance of 6,2 kilometres from the Rangers post.

This walk is a steady climb through pristine forest with a multitude of birds and maybe the chance of seeing a wild chimpanzee scampering off through the forest. For sure you will see their nests high up in the trees made of branches interwoven to form a nest, the chimps will use these nests for several weeks then move on when the season for fruiting trees is over. Occasionally you may see a blue monkey, however it is the forest and the wide variety of plant species which is the main attraction.

Activities to do on a 1 day Rwenzori Hike

Community Walks.

From the Ruboni Community Camp you can book a guide to take you in the surrounding areas of the Ruboni and Mihunga villages. The slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains, just before the border of the national Park, are fertile lands where live communities of Bakonjo people. It is interesting and rewarding to take a walk and see the traditional works still present in this area, like the blacksmith and production of iron spears and knives or the handicraft production, like craft weaver and basket making.

Some Bakonjo elders will be enthusiastic to spend time with you and to tell stories and legends of the ancient time, which are brought up today by the word of mouth. Another interesting encounter is the traditional healers or traditional doctors, the ones who used and still use today the power given to them by the gods of the traditional religion.

Forest walk.

The area just approaching the national park along the Mubuku Valley is much cultivated but at the same time is rich of pristine nature and vegetation. Some of the hills are covered by forest. You can book a guide from the Ruboni Community Camp and he will take you for a 3 or 4 hours short excursion through forested areas outside the national park.

Expect to see and learn from the nature, the species of trees, the small animals like chameleons and lizards, which are still so common here, as well as to see black and white colobus monkeys and other monkeys. Birding is also interesting, as you might spot the typical Rwenzori Turaco, common Boubou, African wagtail.


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