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1 Day Rwenzori Forest Tour

1 Day Rwenzori Forest Tour – Nature walks in Rwenzoris

Are you an adventurous and nature lover but having a limited travel time? Book a 1-day forest walk in the magical and virgin forests around the beautiful Rwenzori mountains national park, a home to the mighty ice-capped Rwenzori mountains.

Luyinda JeffDetailed itinerary

With a local guide, start off the walk through the tropical rain-forest connected to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. In this community reserve, you will find a variety of plants and trees species that will be interpreted by the guide. On a lucky day, you can find some wildlife like; chameleons, birds, insects and some times primates crossing from the park. Even without meeting wildlife, the forest is a beautiful jungle with several features like; rivers, creeks and interwoven vines hanging on the canopy.

Tour includes

Guide and experience

Tour excludes

Drinking water, tips, lunch/ snacks (optional)

Getting to the forest.

Drive 26km northwest of Kaseese town, branch off at Nkenda electrical terminal, 10km on Kaseese fort portal road, then drive 17km towards the park gate. We are located at Nyakalengija gate of Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Read More

What to pack

  1. Walking shoes,
  2. changing wear,
  3. long sleeved tops,
  4. trousers,
  5. water bottle,
  6. Day pack.
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